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Anderson prefers to do everything alone. One day a new kid named Sam joins him for lunch. Anderson is surprised and doesn’t know what to say. But Sam’s friendliness gives Anderson the courage to tell him a little about himself, such as his love for (ornithology) birdwatching. To his surprise, Sam wants to go birdwatching with him.

Anderson’s story helps children recognize that being friends with someone different is rewarding. In addition, it shows how children with Asperger’s syndrome can become true and loyal friends when given a chance. This is not a book about autism. This book is about Anderson, a child with autism, and his amazing hobby.

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Corban has nightmares and the worst one is about creepy, crawly, slimy CRITTERS invading his house. He talks to his mom, his teacher, and even his best friend, Jax, and their advice only make the nightmares worse. It is only when he learns to use his mind tools’ that he is able to overcome his fears and get rid of the critters once and for all.