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Meet some critters

There are 24 Critters all together but you can just imagine what it would be like to get them all into one picture. Here are a few of the Critters in Book 1


Hi! I am puddles and guess what? Our next book is coming out in Spring 2022 and it is called Critter Crew to the Rescue. I can't tell you what it's about yet but it is really going to be fun....stay tuned!



I'm Dusseldorf and I am one of the original Critters. I get to introduce the book on the title page, and I am the Critter that waves goodbye to Corban at the end of the book. My favorite food is everything. My favorite color is ... nope not purple yellow! I am a quadruped. That means I can walk on my legs and use my long arms to help me.

Critter Frame 4.jpeg


Derek is my name and hair is my game. You guessed it, I am all about the hair. I spend hours making sure I have the coolest hair. I also watch the other critters get into trouble. Usually I am busy fixing my hair. My favorite thing to do is work on my hair. I am pretty easy to get along with unless of course ... you mess  with my hair.

Critter Frame 2.jpeg

Help Name Me!

I don't have a name yet. But we will be launching a name the Critter contest soon so be sure and follow us on facebook, twitter or just join our mailing list and we will send you information when the contest starts.

Critter Frame 6.jpeg

Hi I'm Clementine!

I am the newest Critter to get a name. My friend Linda Apple named me and she won a really cool Critter Crew Mousepad. She is Winston's human (learn more about him on the Our Friends page).

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